When form and function meet

When form and function meet

Boys and their toys is an oft used term amongst the off-roading fraternity!  In many cases, it is pretty apt. However, I learnt most of what I know from the late Charlotte du Toit who ran ”Camping Africa” and lectured at many of my courses. She was a lady who took Stuart Crystal into the bush, safely ensconced in an armoured case surrounded by “pluck n pull” foam.

She taught me about utilising space and even removed the legs of my “potjie” pot to save space.

Charlotte also believed in multi-functional items as they reduced the load one had to carry. I bought my first multi-tools from her and came to understand how useful they were around a campsite. She was a fountain of knowledge. I still use much of what I bought and developed a mindset that taught me to think about equipment and packing.

One day we needed to do a hasty repair and I pulled out my emergency kit. She looked at it and told me that although not bad it could be improved upon. The screwdriver we used was unsuitable for the rough stuff. The bits were loose ( you could misplace one ) and the handle was solid ( plus point). This was unlike the cheaper screwdrivers where you stored the bits in the handle. They broke easily and often failed when needed.

The following Monday I visited her shop and was the proud owner of my first “Picquic”. I like functionality, durability and good design. This tool has never disappointed me. Shortly thereafter I got the next one and more recently the so-called “Teeny Turner”.

The screwdrivers are readily available, affordable and well made. Quality is a priority. This is a tool you can pass on to a son or daughter. Rugged, durable and uncomplicated.

The premise is simple, a bit fits into a shaft and the other bits are unobtrusively stored in the handle. To change a bit you push it out with the bit that you remove and place it in the shaft. A magnet holds it in, the other bit simply takes its place.

The first screwdriver produced was the “SIXPACK” and it was followed by a variety of others. These are screwdrivers that are as good as any single blade version. And they offer a variety of straight-edged and star ( Phillips ) bits in various sizes. Good enough to tackle any repair that may arise whilst you are out in the bush or at home.

These are well-made tools right up there with good multi-tool brands. In fact, the “SIXPACK” would outperform many of the screwdrivers in a conventional multi-tool. This is due to the design and the length of the bits. I have never had to put it to the test but these tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

My first Picquic was a “SIXPACK”, it has a solid comfortable grip that allows the application of torque. No moving parts to lose and a hexagonal bolster beneath the grip allows you to attach a wrench for additional torque. Difficult screws will not be a problem. The bits can even be used in impact drivers. Strangely enough, although it is called a “SIXPACK” it comes with seven bits. This driver stays permanently in my main toolbox for travelling. It’s an impressive piece of equipment that has worked hard in the past.

Then I purchased a “STUBBY” a great tool, compact to use in cramped spaces with six bits as well as a hexagonal bolster for a wrench. Its compact size makes it easy to store in a glove box or small tool kit. Once again well made and ready to work hard. One could easily keep one of these permanently in the car and another one at home.

My last purchase was the “Teeny Turner” and I love this little guy. Designed for those smaller tasks where a big bit won’t cut it. With a mix of bits and some “Torx” bits, this is great for specs, jewellery, small electrical appliance and suchlike. The bits are all high quality and will give you years of use. I love it when form and function come together.

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