Once upon a time in Clarens…

Once upon a time in Clarens…

A “Gingerlicious” (left) with dark chocolate, ginger, syrup & honey, and one of the “WOW Shakes” – no words!

Imagine you’re a child again… Let’s say around eight years old. And you save up your pocket money for a monthly treat – which happens to be a milkshake. Now I challenge you to imagine a milkshake that would fulfil that childhood fantasy, as large and elaborate as you wish. I’d be willing to bet that it doesn’t come close to the reality of the milkshakes at The Platform in Clarens!! As an aside, this is a true story – two little girls from Bethlehem diligently save every month to come for their milkshake treat in Clarens!!

Left: Lucky and Carol – the wonderful team behind The Platform, and on the right, Dylan Rodin of Dylish Artisan Breads.

Carol Beeming had exceptional success with her restaurant Gosto Portuguese restaurant on the Townsquare in Clarens. When she sold it, she turned her hand to yet another challenge – The Platform. The décor is fresh – the lime green ‘pops’ in a wonderfully bright and welcoming way. The ceiling is covered in umbrellas and the menu is inspirational. The Paris Café music in the background is subtle and adds to the ambiance. One of Carol’s goals is to attract people beyond the town square – and her new venture, together with Lucky Mosia (who was also with her at Gosto), is an exceptionally good reason to venture into Church Street (one block down from the Clarens’ Townsquare).

The world class offerings of the Deli Market at The Platform on a Friday.

We were fortunate enough to meet the smiling Dylan Rodin, who was delivering his delectable artisan breads to The Platform for the Friday morning “Deli Market” which takes place each week. On Saturday mornings, the Clarens Country Market takes place (next door to The Platform) at the Bibliophile. Dylan uses stone ground, unbleached artisan flour, which is both GMO and preservative free. There’s now an entire range available, from Pink & Black Ciabatta all the way through to Rosemary & Sundried Tomato or Walnut, Balsamic Onion & Feta Bread – it changes regularly!

Fresh produce whichever way you gaze…

But back to The Platform… We were only able to enjoy a breakfast here during our time in Clarens, but I am certain anything on their menu is bound to please beyond measure. It has been an incredibly long time (and I am not talking pre-Covid, I am talking decades!) since I have been to a venue where such care is taken. The food is, quite simply, spectacular. The ingredients, the presentation, the variety of unusual combinations on the menu come together in a way that assaults the senses. The feeling within the venue is “casual chic”, but there is nothing casual about their approach to food!

Unusual and delicious breakfasts – sardines on toast and bacon, brie & avo on ciabatta.

One could be forgiven for thinking that would be all one could ask from a restaurant… There is, however, one final cherry on the top (so to speak). Should your furry friend wish to accompany you, they are more than welcome. So welcome, in fact, that they get their very own complimentary biscuit!! Just. Too. Special!

Even your pup is welcome at The Platform – choose a biscuit for them from the rainbow array!

In next week’s newsletter, the final in this series on Clarens, we explore the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and the exceptional sandstone formations found in the region…

Jacqui Ikin & The Cross Country Team

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773 Church St, Clarens, 9707
Carol Beeming

Dylan Rodin

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