Roll it all up!

Roll it all up!

I have been on trips where friends have literally kept essential kit in a grain bag, when something is needed they have to rummage around frantically. I like being more organised and use rolls with compartments to store things. This makes them easily accessible when needed.

I keep two rolls in my toolbox, one holds a full selection of spanners and the other holds a selection of screwdrivers, pliers, shifting spanner and suchlike. These rolls can be used on a car, motorbike or even a boat.

A single tool roll would be heavy and cumbersome hence the need for two, the third roll was made from an off-cut of waxed canvas and carries a variety of items that are essential to me when outdoors, I will detail them shortly.

I have travelled a lot over the years and after each trip, I take a look at things that I could have really used and add them to my prep before the next trip. One of the stranger items being a shower head, I find that many places put a small nozzle in a shower which results in a fine spray that goes all over the place. Mine does not take up much space but allows me to have a decent shower. Over the years I have developed a comprehensive packing guide and am now refining a newer version to reflect all the little things that make a trip more comfortable.

It’s a tick box approach and it will also have space to write specifics if the trip requires different things. As I pack I generally lay everything out in categories to ensure that nothing is left out.

Back to my homemade third roll, each item is there as a result of me having forgotten something or having got to a venue and not finding a suitable item, let us have a look at the contents.

  • SOG Super tool, believe it or not, I have often forgotten to take a super tool with me, this ensures that I always have one with me, the compound jaws also provide superior cutting and gripping power.
  • Mini Maglite, this is simply a backup torch in case my main torch fails which has happened. I have also put some ‘duct tape’ around the barrel for emergency use.
  • Screwdriver, simply an emergency item for small jobs, if I am not travelling in my own car I will not have my tool-kit with me.
  • The Okapi Knife is a sentimental item that goes with me as it is a South African icon.
  • Knife and fork, I carry this and sometimes substitute it for a ‘spork’ for those countless takeaways in a small town where cutlery is not supplied.
  • Opinel Knife, I like to carve food neatly, this has a long, thin, incredibly sharp blade and has stood in for a blunt carving knife on many occasions.
  • Vice Grip, this is my most recent addition after taps failed us on a recent trip resulting in a messy kitchen, I may replace it with water-pump pliers but am currently undecided.

Each roll is carefully curated from years of experience, I think I have narrowed them down perfectly for most emergencies, may add a few cable ties to the third roll though.

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