Who is still around?

Who is still around?

Well, around 30 years ago the 4×4 market began to grow and facilities with instructors sprang up. Only a few die-hards remain as it requires an investment in manpower, property and equipment. African Dream Adventures known as ADA in the trade is a multi-discipline training and events company catering to the motor industry and corporate market. They handle the launch of motor vehicles, trucks and motorcycles both locally and internationally. Team-building and Corporate eventing are also offered.

Training ensures the safe and responsible utilisation of of vehicle in question. Cross-border tours are available as well as trips to the nearby Lion and Safari Park which are popular. These are touted as Bike Safaris but they give you the opportunity the see the animals up close and personal. Major Fleets, Government Departments and Corporates also use them to train their operators and feedback is positive in terms of a reduction in operating costs.

There are multiple courses offered catering to youngsters and first-time buyers as well as the owners of heavier motorbikes. Two courses that always excite me are the “Wheelie” course and the skidpan activities. I have known Heine Engelbrecht for many years and have also been involved with Alan from Bass Lake for a long time.

 Bass Lake is situated at Henley on Klip. Having originally been started over 30 years ago by Alan Pepper, Bass Lake has become known and loved as the primary open-water dive spot in Gauteng for beginners and experts alike.

Bass offers a variety of Adventure-based activities. It originally started as a Scuba training facility where you could hone your skills before heading out to open water.

The 4×4 track is challenging yet the obstacles are safe for all vehicles. It’s secure as it is on mining property and has been around for over 30 years.

An easy drive from Sandton it has become very popular with young drivers and new divers. Camping is in beautiful appointed chalets and tents or you can bring your own tent or caravan. There is also a more technical centre where you can get your tanks filled and your equipment evaluated.

Breathe in the fresh air and take your families, relax in safe environments and enjoy the catering. Bass has two restaurants which can cater to numbers of more than 100 pax.ADA is smaller and caters for demand. But does delightful platters over the weekend.

According to both venues, the focus on younger families who come to relax and be outdoors has increased.



It also pleasing to see the effort that both operators put into maintaining a high standard and focusing on the “customer experience”

Give them a try you will be pleasantly surprised. And you will gain from the experience.

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