Where to next?

Where to next?

Well, friends often wonder if we just shoot from the hip when choosing a trip!

It’s not that easy as we choose carefully as we want to know what is en route that we can visit even though we know that we will also find little unknown gems on the way.

So we plan and research. I am currently looking into our next trip which will be later in April but a good deal of work needs to be done.

What is important are the things that you can find before you get to your ultimate destination. as well as those places that you can find on the way. Some of them are fascinating, especially in what they reveal.

We are a young country but have been through so much and much has happened that is worthy of a visit. And it just pops up as you drive- so interesting and a reward as well.

We never overload the car as we pick up most stuff on the way or at our final destination. Be it self-catering or catered.

But we follow a philosophy of escaping the city and getting out there.

We do follow interesting magazines in sourcing destinations but do not want to emulate what our readers have already seen.

So we go for solid photography ( thank you Jacqui ) and a different angle. We try to get into the guts of the area and reveal new things which is difficult but doable.

We strive to be innovative, concerned and environmentally aware in everything that we do.

It’s not always easy and takes time and walking around if you can. 

And then comes the planning.

You have to look at your final destination and work backwards.

  • Do you need to stay over given the length of the trip?
  • What will be the most cost-effective stayover if you have to?
  • Can you pick up any viewable sites on the route?
  • Check for fuel stops as that is important.
  • Ensure that you have chargers for any devices, especially cameras.
  • Be aware of the weather and have a rain jacket handy.

In addition have an emergency kit available for emergencies, my next column will cover that as I am putting a kit together for future trips. 

Could be interesting!

Then do not rely on your onboard Nav system, ours has more than once taken us in the wrong direction and had to be corrected with our Garmin.

A cooler box is important but rather drink water than sweet fizzy drinks which do nothing to assuage your thirst.

I always keep my camera close at hand especially for the unexpected things that you come upon or even the moments shared.

It is important to keep an eye on your vehicle when stopping to ensure that everything is safe, especially if the vehicle is not a station wagon or does not have a canopy.

Lastly, ensure that your insurance is up to date and that it covers every possibility. Talk to us at Cross Country.

Safe travels.

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