Taking a different way

Taking a different way

Recently I walked my dog and it started to rain I picked him up to get to the car and unfortunately slipped down a slope injuring my hip. I thought it would heal quickly but given my age, it has taken time. Since then I walked the little guy and used a walking stick, one of many that I acquired in my travels across Africa. Sadly the pain won’t go away and it has made my daily walks difficult. I hobbled and worried about my balance and tended to compensate for the injury.

Then I got rid of the walking stick and bought an expanding aluminium trekking pole. It was a revelation and made my walks so much easier.

Walking became a pleasure and I did not feel that I would need to be rescued.

The pain in my shin dissipated, and walking was a pleasure.

On the descent I still feel pain in my knees and realised that I would have to get a second pole which I will do shortly, it will make a difference.

Recently I did a hike with a friend and I found the pole to be invaluable, especially on descents. Going downhill without a pole can be hard work.

It helps and can stop you from falling, especially in treacherous terrain. The pole can save you from serious injury, consider it part of your emergency kit, much like a GPS and First Aid Kit.

Match it to a tarpaulin and you can even have an emergency shelter.

One wonders whether to consider Carbon vs Aluminium, well Aluminium is considerably cheaper and if you lose it you won’t break the bank. My Aluminium pole has saved me numerous times and is extremely resilient, It takes abuse and endures bumps scratches and dings. Carbon is strong but costs a lot more. I do many Km and do not mind the extra weight. A rain jacket and water are essential to me with the pole. I have not yet managed to destroy my aluminium poles but they make a difference.

They are like another set of limbs, giving you more stability on difficult terrain.

You can keep your balance when crossing difficult terrain. 

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