Our trips

Our trips

We travel and enjoy every moment, places we go to morph into special environments and come with unique experiences. Whilst Nieu Bethesda and the “Owl House” are enthralling it’s only a 45 minute visit. Yet we stayed a few days, we did visit Graaff- Reinet and the nearby national park ( I could not handle the heights at the top of the cliffs overlooking the valley of desolation so left that to the rest of the group and our CEO Ian Georgeson.

They later picked me up as I had simply sat on a bench waiting and observing the slow antics of a resident tortoise.

It helps to walk around either early in the morning or before sunset, you will discover that most people are so hospitable and friendly .In Nieu Bethesda I had tea with a couple and spent at least 30 minutes playing with their small Jack Russell terrier before moving on.

Our first exploratory trip whilst unplanned other than heading for the final destination got us initially lost as we relied on the onboard navigation.We eventually cancelled it and mad good time thereafter- our destination being Kenhardt in the northern Cape where we wanted to photograph “Verneukpan” .In chatting to locals we ended up having a braai with them and doing some awesome astrophotography . To boot we never even realised that we would see a rare “blood moon”

That evening our new friend Ernie and his wife handled the braai whilst we took pictures and thereafter we just sat and chatted in the middle of nowhere.We were to watch Rugby at the hotel the next day but at his insistance ended up at his house where he also invite his friends to meet the English folk from Johannesburg – a great evening on our first trip.

Sometimes little thing go wrong when travelling, yes we have been lucky only to have experienced two punctures despite the mega distances .Both were difficult but that has been overcome.

In the Waterberg I got up early to do the dishes and the spindle of the tap came off leaving water spewing all over the kitchen.I did what I could but nothing helped and whilst I mopped and cleaned up Ian approached our host who turned the water off and arranged to change the tap.So we ended up with a delayed breakfast and shower.Its all part of the journey.

I will never forget not being able to light a fire in Mapungubwe yet we walked past th SANparks supplied matches on numerous occasions before noticing them. Funny or not.

I had too much sun one day in Kakamas and ended up the next day in beds as a result I missed the trip to Augrabies falls , a colleague mentioned that the tailgate of the vehicle had not been closed and the photographic equipment almost fell out.This was however his responsibility and protocols need to be observed when travelling.Ian is such a gracious host but someone needs to look at the small details when travelling.

Signal is important no matter what you do and we are very conscious of this when Ian flies his drone,It is an amazing piece of equipment and I hope we can use it on our trip st the end of May – this will be a breathtaking tour but I will only report afterwards, some good exploring in between though so will look for every opportunity.Happy travels. 

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