It is just putting pen to paper!

It is just putting pen to paper!

Well, it sounds as easy as that, but often when doing a trip info needs to be captured to become an article and matched to photos. A brochure is not always readily available and a bit of research needs to be done, sometimes even Google does not help. I have always found that a journal and a pen or pencil help.

At night I recall my experiences and go through my pictures to not forget the moment, it is important as we often see so much during the day and need to constantly make notes.

Light journals are always best as they pack easily and allow you to sit at night and recall your memories, especially on an extended trip. So much happens that you need to recall and you can’t just leave it.

So what do you need?

  • Firstly a good journal is necessary, one that can slip into a pair of cargo pants or even your soft travel bag.
  • Then I take a variety of pens and pencils.

So what can go wrong when travelling?

  • Well, a standard ballpoint pen can run out of refills. And if they are not usual one may not be able to find them in the platteland.
  • Sadly the same will apply to all users of fountain pens. Refills are also not easy to get.
  • To me, the best option is a refillable lead pencil as you can take a cartridge of lead and refill it every time you need to. And even if you drop the pencil it will still work.

It’s important to keep our memories as well as our pictures, they are so important and down the line we have memories of trips we did with family. The notes are also invaluable as they match the pictures.

So what do we cover? Well, we are busy all the time covering outdoor activities, which is a cross-country area of focus 4×4 and outdoor activities are what we do. Ever since I met Ian our CEO we have focussed on the outdoors. We have trained, done expeditions and attended events such as our recent foray to Rust der Winter ( still struggling to clean my shoes, dust gets everywhere ).

But it’s a lifestyle we enjoy and we get to meet like-minded people who are interested in the Cross Country brand and what it offers them. The benefits are amazing.

But on that note never forget your pen, pencil and paper, the memories are incredible. As well as the invaluable information you may find.

  • Videos you can shoot.
  • Tips and information you can share.
  • Legal requirements as you cross borders.
  • Destinations and booking info.
  • Navigation tips

And so much more, happy travels! From all of us at Cross Country!

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