Around dinner we discussed what are the things that are essential for an adventure trip, a friend opened the packing system in his “bakkie” and it was a total overkill. It could take you across Africa but was more than enough for a weekend away.

So the debate began over a few absolute essentials. Let us forget about fridges and recovery kits.

I am leaning towards the small things that you have to travel with. On a recent trip, we could not start a fire for our evening dinner( despite me having walked past matches a few times) so a lighter is essential. 

Then self-catering facilities in the back of the bush do not even provide glasses so I keep a pack of stainless steel glasses. I recently lent a friend a full kitchen unit in a pack and was amazed that he did not have it yet the double cab that he normally travels with is fully kitted.

And I always take a spare toothbrush, on many occasions I have to pass this over to someone else. The trick is to pack your toilet bag permanently and not take the stuff out when you get home. Then you know that you are fully equipped,

Dental floss is a big one for me. There is nothing worse than having something stuck between your teeth, and it is good hygiene. As a super tool is a must I opt for my lighter “Leatherman”.The “Swiss Tool Is just too heavy.

Tissues or wet wipes are essential. As is a lens cleaning kit for your camera.

Then a good read is important when travelling I tend to skip the normal thrillers and read history.

Never forget your SD card and charger for your camera as you want to capture memories especially if is a remote destination. A journal and a pencil are important if you need to take notes. Pens often run out of ink and then you are stuck, especially in remote areas.

I  pack mixed salt and pepper in an old film container. Many places neglect this. Ian our CEO also packs extremely well and never forgets a tin of mussels and biscuits for a late afternoon snack while we wait for the fire to burn down.

Then there is a corkscrew, nothing worse than finding out that the wine you bought does not have a screw top.

But on that front examine the bottle to ensure that it does have a screw top, it stores better.

Then a nailbrush, nailfile and nail clipper, you often snag a nail and need to do an emergency repair.

None of this takes up much space but has proven to be invaluable over the years. So it is the little things that make a big difference.

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