Boys and girls

Boys and girls

Boys sometimes wing it and take chances yet in my opinion ladies are more organised. I recently had coffee with an old friend who does regular trips. Many are local such as food tours to Fordsburg or even Graffiti trips. She does also offer trips around the country for small groups.

Self-sufficiency during the pandemic stopped tourism and she survived running a guest house and selling wood during winter.

She is now back on the road and self-sufficient. Her gear provides reassurance, confidence and the knowledge that she is always prepped and ready to handle anything that may happen.

We make a plan yet ladies are prepared for any eventuality.

So a few items go on a trip that keeps her self-sufficient be it a weekend or a two-week trip.

The few items make her feel prepared. And differ from what the average male takes.

I take a small torch that can if needed charge a cellphone, she takes a portable battery that if necessary can jump start a car, it also has a USB port and a flashlight.

She carries an old Leatherman Multi-Tool and does not feel the need to upgrade. It has at least 15 implements and can cut, saw, open cans or bottles, crimp or strip wire and even be used in the kitchen.

Then you can even use it to start a fire.

So water on a road trip is important – a bottle or flask is key, she has a preference for the Atlas Ware brand which keeps water cold for up to two days and can be topped up at most service stations that dispense cold water.

Then to her, a watch is important, rather than the fitness style she also uses an outdoor watch similar to mine that provides relevant


Then depending on the length of the trip and the availability of groceries en -route she will take a portable fridge or cooler box filled with ice.

As a gent, we often stop on the way and have had a few bad experiences with the quality of goods. Ladies tend to stock up before leaving home.

A  small medical kit is essential. we have discussed this previously but it’s high on her list. Not complicated but the essentials are necessary.

Include plasters, burn gels a thermometer and bandages. Add in some dehydration meds as well. If crossing borders see that you have the necessary scripts.

Then she takes a dustbin inner as she does not want to use plastic bags. Duct tape is obligatory as are cable ties .so yes the kit is familiar but there is more attention to detail. Travel safely! 

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