Trying new things in the kitchen

Trying new things in the kitchen

I try to limit my consumption of red meat and have turned instead to chicken and fish. Being the only meat-eater in our household is not easy,  one has to get creative with portions.

I tried skinless chicken breasts as they are healthy, low in fat and a source of protein. Stir-fries were easy, I struggled with pan-frying and baking, it was easy to overcook them and they tended to be dry. So one afternoon I decided to try a different method and the results were amazing. I moved from frying them in a wok to cooking them in a pot. 

So what do you need?

  • A pot with a well-fitting lid suitable for two breasts ( preferably with a heavy base
  • Two large free-range skinless chicken breasts ( defrosted )
  • Himalayan salt
  • Good quality cold-pressed olive oil
  • Seasonings such as black pepper and garlic flakes

It was trial end error, yet the result was tasty and the next meal even better. I place the breasts on a plate, coat them with olive oil then season both sides.

I then put the pot on the stove at a high temperature and add a half teaspoon of olive oil. The second time I cooked the chicken breasts I used a gas camping stove to get instant heat. Once the olive oil starts smoking I add the breasts and sear them on both sides for about a minute. Then I reduce the temperature and put the pot lid on for between 8-10 minutes depending on the size of the chicken portions. The lid on the pot I use seals very well. I think that’s the secret to a moist, tasty result.

After the breasts have cooked ( 10 minutes max. ) I turn the heat off and leave them in the pot without taking the lid off for another 10 minutes. Removing the lid will allow the moisture that has built up in the pot to escape. You can then plate them and serve. When I serve them with a side of brown rice or potatoes and vegetables I serve them whole, however, when I serve them with a salad I slice them and serve them on top of the salad. Over time I have experimented with light sauces and find that a chipotle sauce or soy sauce adds a new dimension to what is essentially a simple meal. The sauce is added as I plate the chicken and season lightly with Himalayan salt. One can also add lemon zest should you be serving with a salad I have tried cooking this meal in the back garden and feel that due to its simplicity it would be an easy meal to prepare in the bush. And what’s more, is the fact that it is tasty healthy and nutritious! And if you need chicken for a quick” meal in the box” style lunch or supper it’s a great way to prepare it quickly, easily and without a mess.

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