Things to leave at home

Things to leave at home

Part and parcel of the real deal is an axe, high-lift jack and spade all attached to your roof -rack. It’s almost like entry-level stuff. But what if I asked you to leave the axe and hand saw at home? Would that be too much and why would I do that? Saws, axes and hatchets are part and parcel of the outdoor experience. They go hand in hand with gas cookers and beanies. You are an outdoorsman who can chop a tree down and build a shelter. Wood tools have been your point of entry into the lifestyle. Yet perhaps it is time to leave them at home.

Forget YouTube and all the survivalist moments. Leave the tools at home. I was recently shocked to see how many channels promote the mass degradation of trees to create survival structures. Why not just take a tent?

On a recent visit to the Hartbeespoort Dam we were horrified to see a supply at a major intersection, trees are simply cut down and sold on the side of the road.

So why do you need to leave the tools at home? Do you want to damage trees and their canopies? Destroy sunny areas and leave open landscapes?

But do not jump about you can still cause immense damage, be careful in whatever you do, dead wood is often protection for animals and insects.

Fallen wood provides nutrients for animals and insects.

All part of a healthy ecosystem and provides cover for insects. Dead trees are cover for insects and animals, they are part of the food chain. and as they decompose they replenish the soil. Vital to a healthy ecosystem. So if you hack up large pieces of wood you could be causing immeasurable damage.

So maybe leave the axe and saw at home, perhaps cook on gas? Just keep the spade and Hi-lift jack on your roof rack, and drop the axe.

You can buy sustainably sourced wood or use environmentally friendly charcoal as you travel, please use friendly sources, buying wood that has been hacked from local sources encourages a problem and supports it. 

Sadly we do not have adequate controls in this regard and the problem will continue. This will lead to immeasurable damage unless we control ourselves. We do also need strict controls within our national parks and local government. So it is important, to leave sharp tools at home and care for the environment.

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