So we do the best 

So we do the best 

It suffices to say that I have trained with some of the best ladies and gents in South Africa and we developed systems  and guides .Yet over the years I have stuck to a few. Why ?




And in this arena Heine Engelbrecht is king, we have known him for many years and have used for facilities at ADA on an ongoing basis ,

The facility is immaculate,catering is world class, clients love it.

Its a family run business and all love the boys and Bronwyn who climbs in all the time.

Add to  this the very popular “GiN BAR “ over the weekends.

But when it comes to training it is a simple facility and offers the basics which include up to level three and recovery training .

The tracks are well laid out and do not allow you the opportunity to damage your vehicle yet still offer a challenge.

Heine and his instructors are highly competent and the conference and catering facilities are amazing.

Now and again Ian our CEO and myself pop in and go via the local butcher pick up some meat and we just braai. It’s always a pleasure.

Customers love the facility as everything is so organised even to the extent of the gardens and grasses in front of the main buildings.

Heine has recently started a tour programme into various parts of Africa and the feedback from customers is amazing.

They love the simplicity of the tours and the fact that they do not have to pay ridiculous fees yet get value .

He is indeed a great operator and we are proud of our working association with him. In addition, they offer all sorts of motorcycle skills training and adventures into neighboring countries- we have successfully referred policy holders to Hein for training and refresher courses.

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