So we are clearing out!

So we are clearing out!

Well, having lived in the house since 1994 it was now time to sell. We have had numerous buyers visiting the property and things look positive.

What I needed to do was look at my kit and decide where it needed to go.

I touched base with Heine Engelbrecht at ADA and he came and collected most of the stuff which included a workbench and shelving as well as all my recovery equipment which we would use on trips and training in the future. This stuff took up a good deal of space and would not be able to move with me.

However, once the kit is gone you realise that so much is left behind and you do need a kit for future trips.

We have had a few mishaps when travelling in the form of punctures and the one thing we learnt is that the jack supplied with the vehicle does not have sufficient reach to allow you to remove and replace a wheel. So the first item we added to our kit was a simple section of “roof truss” which became a jacking plate should we need to lift the vehicle. It also provides good support and a level surface.

Looking at the tool kits provided by most manufacturers proved them to be inadequate and not a high standard of quality.

So where do we go before our next trip?

Without putting a whole workshop in the boot what are the essential items? This could vary from person to person and depends on where you will be travelling. Especially if going across the border. In this case, you may even need to take essential parts and fluids with you.

But our basic kit starts with a soft bag as it fits easily into the boot as opposed to a metal “trommel” type container.

A set of spanners, screwdrivers and pliers are a must-have as is a small spade, it does not take up space but does the job when necessary.

I also added gloves which are an off-road necessity Then a few shackles and at least a pull strap which will help in most situations.

We can add in many items but have found that in the main we prefer to buy en route! Sometimes we have failed in terms of braai meat but generally, it’s been good.

I never forget books, about the areas where we are travelling as well as the local areas we live in an amazing country and need to explore as often as we can.

South Africa has so much to offer and so many interesting people – we need to get out there!

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