Random Adventure

Random Adventure

I never miss out on the opportunity for spontaneous adventure, to me, everything can be an adventure. Even a great sunset when driving home or walking the dog. Recently we bought bagels and coffee and instead of going home walked across to a stretch of river and enjoyed them outdoors. It was an impromptu picnic.

So complicated planning is not necessary. However, over the years I have realised that certain essentials add to the experience. I keep a small kit in my car for any occasion that I decide “off the cuff “ to break the routine. It could be a random picnic or even lying in the back garden watching the stars. So what is in the kit?

Firstly a durable blanket, any blanket will do to pad the ground, it should be easily washable and not pick up leaves or grass. Many blankets have a water-resistant shell on one side to repel moisture, they work well but tend to be a bit small.

Then if the sun goes down you may need a torch, headlight or lamp. Useful for finding your way around in the dark. I also keep spare batteries and ensure that I have sufficient lumens to help me find my way around.

Then I keep all-purpose mugs, they work for hot or cold items and with tight-fitting lids, they travel well. The double wall insulation also maintains temperature be it hot or cold. This offers on-the-go functionality. 

I also carry a pair of multi-functional shoes as I never know where my impulsivity will take me. They also work well and are good enough to wear to a mall if I decide to grab supper before heading for him.

I back this up with a collapsible trekking pole which is great in uneven terrain as it helps maintain balance.

 I prefer aluminium over carbon fibre, carbon fibre comes at a cost and one can often mislay a pole. Go for a bright colour and keep an additional broader foot for sandy sections

Power is always an issue so I always take a cellphone cable and a power bank that is fully charged at all times.

Budget permitting I will eventually look at a fold-up solar charger as they do not take up space. Some clip to your daypack and charge as you walk. These are also great when you spontaneously decide to go off the beaten track. And a charged phone allows you to take and share pictures.

Add to this a rain jacket and a small first aid kit as well as a knife, you may want to peel something or even cut something to share it. I also throw in a small cutting board which is flat and takes up no space.

Then where do we keep all this stuff?

I keep everything in a small daypack in my office, if I feel the need to get out and about I just take it with me. It is all organised and can fit everything including the blanket, torch, mugs and charger.

If needs be the side pouches can carry a few bottles of water and it has a two-litre bladder should I need to take more.

In this way, I can cope with any urge to get out there. As I said anything can be an adventure if you want it to be. One of my favourites is exploring bookshops. I often spend a whole Saturday morning browsing. It is amazing what you can find on the shelves.

The last two items in my pack take up very little space but are extremely useful. I take a “Spork” which is a combination of a knife, spoon and fork as well as wet wipes should I need to clean up. The “Spork” if used will go into a plastic bag with the mugs for cleaning when you get home.

Get out there and enjoy the adventure that is life. I am conscious of the time lost to Covid and am making it up!

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