It is never about the T-shirt as they don’t last, the memories remain. It is the little things that you pick up on the travels that give you memories. Over the years I have picked up so many interesting things from a variety of places, I thought I would document them as I have picked up so many that remain so interesting.

We are a country rich in culture so I would love to share some of my “pick-ups” they mean so much to me.

In Wellington, I bought two wooden boxes which to me are memorable then along the road I acquired a tin box embossed with a Kodak logo, as a photographer this meant a lot to me.

In KZN I acquired a handmade box which was made in a prison for Boer War prisoners and later for WW1 prisoners.

This is not simply about acquiring bits and pieces but about getting stuff that can find a way into your home and lifestyle.

Without further avail let us share a few and contemplate the diversity out there;

  • In a museum at the Talana Battlefield, I purchased six of the most beautiful tin soldiers, sadly when I went back they had closed.
  • in a junk shop in Colenso, I found an ancient chocolate tin dating back to the Boer War, an impressive piece of history 
  • In Harrismith I bought a beautiful WW2 Bible in vintage condition, these items are hard to find.

Then there are the simple acquisitions, for no reason, I bought a tin map case, and within a few years, I filled it with the most beautiful walking sticks collected from my trips.

And I still collect things, yet curios end up at the local charity shop as they are no longer fit. 

And I collect old tins, one of which is filled with the detritus of the Boer war collected in the Northern Cape.

I will never stop collecting as I travel but have become more particular.

And then we get to look at old books, they fascinate me, I am an avid reader but am not sure that I will get to them all. Yet I have a nice collection and mix them with conventional stuff as well.

it means a lot to me to get out and explore, finding the small things is important as they become memories down the road.

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