It’s our way of life

It’s our way of life

A while ago we decided to do trips to get content for our website. Some of these would be planned and the rest would be part of CCIC broker visits which our CEO does regularly.

On these occasions, he often lends me his car to explore while he meets. In Vrede we were so close to the famous dairy farm but were advised that it was closed to the public – would have been interesting but so be it.

My favourite companion is Ian’s son, Sebastian, he is a fountain of information and never ceases to entertain us.

Constantly on Google and advising us as to information that is scarce in the areas we travel through.

Sebastian regularly joins us on our planning meetings which take place at a local Rugby Club where we can sit outdoors and chat.

On trips the technology kicks in as both Ian and Seb have killer music playlists albeit from different genres but both exceptional, so we have travelled forever with great music from both phones.

Depending on the distance we often leave before dawn and do breakfast and lunch en route.

Nothing is random as we contact local experts and even tour guides to help us.

Our next trip will give us great photographic opportunities and the opportunity to share a good deal of information that you will enjoy. 

We have chosen a destination that is perhaps one of the most famous Anglo/Zulu battles and can not wait to explore it with our guide.

My fascination with the area began as a child when my parents took me to the drive-in in Orkney to watch a classic movie with Michael Caine and Stanley Baker and it finally came to fulfilment. Pictures and a story will follow after the trip.

We have also found many gems as we travel as our country is full of unknown museums and suchlike. I also love exploring old cemeteries as they have great stories to tell in terms of the average mortality rate in days gone by as well as where the people came from.

One should never miss the opportunity to just pop in and have a look, it’s interesting. And in many cases, you can pick up so much history, especially where so many famous people are buried.

On our next trip, we will visit a site where the most Victoria Crosses were awarded but that will be another story as I believe it will be extremely readable and exciting.

As a South African it’s good to get off the beaten road and explore our history, we are a young nation but so much has happened here. Start with the Castle developed in the days of Jan van Riebeeck and move up the coast to the early cattle wars and then further North to the Boer Wars. Rich history. Then there is still so much dedicated to the early mining days in downtown Johannesburg and the east and west rand. You just have to drive around and find it.

Never forget it’s a beautiful country and one has to take the beaten path and explore it.

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