An interesting Saturday

An interesting Saturday

Facebook is amazing, I recently connected with a lady simply because of my friendship with Heine Engelbrecht of ADA a well-known training facility which we often visit near Broederstroom. This weekend the temperature was in the high 30’s but we still decided to risk the trip thinking that we would be comfortable in the shade under the awning at the conference centre. Needless to say, we were but I still felt that I burnt even in the shade. Returning home I fell asleep as the heat had been debilitating.

The trip was not easy as although it was a Saturday, load shedding made for difficult traffic. It was only after passing Lanseria that the roads got easier. Liezl my new acquaintance had done a dual sport course with Heine and is well acquainted with the family and the whole motorcycle fraternity. I only had to mention a name and she was able to relate an experience.

At ADA they were doing a course for Honda Adventure bikes which involved multiple disciplines and a variety of tracks. Despite the heat, we went out to watch the instructors in action.

These guys are really good, I rate them as the top instructors around, they are calm, dedicated and knowledgeable. I learn a lot from just listening despite having driven bikes for many years.

So back to Liezl, she has gotten rid of the dual sport bike and moved to a fully tricked-out Vespa. Next month she aims to do the Sani Pass and later on she wants to tackle Breedts Nek near Magaliesberg.

She was highly entertaining and very much part of the fraternity although it was in many cases a “boys” cub. She knows the clubs and has her kit and bike painted accordingly. The “Bumble Bee” according to her yellow and black colours. 

This even extends to her tin mug which was painted accordingly. Perhaps in defiance of an all-male group.

She is passionate about her Vespa, has fitted off-road tyres and has two racks front and rear. The front rack carries a jerry can filled with pre-mix as her bike is a two-stroke.

She is not able to keep up with the “big boys” in the larger and faster Vespas but gives it a good go. Her trips have taken her all over South Africa on a solo basis but I know she wants to go across borders and wish her well. Namibia here we come!

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