An ADA Adventure

An ADA Adventure

In Heine’s words, “I have had the privilege to travel the world God gave us extensively”.

Now the next adventure – he is on his way to Kenya. As he said to me the other night his spirit has awakened on the trip. He has seen and enjoyed so much and he has yet to have reached Nairobi.

Business in Maputo took longer than he expected so he was unable to travel the 335 Km to Pomene so he located a lodge on an inland lake to rest and refresh. Dinner was a simple Prego and a cold frosty.

The next day saw him continue through Moz into Zimbabwe. Where he replenished supplies and left for Mana Pools.

He was amazed that all the big grocery stores were represented and well-stocked.

The road to Mana Pools was disappointing with traffic congestion, potholes and gravel sections which did not appear on the maps.

Many low-water bridges were washed away and were poorly maintained. Temperatures varied from 41 degrees and dropped to 27 degrees when it rained in the lower Zambezi Valley.

Eventually, he reached Mana Pools via Mushumbi Pools and arrived at 

The lodge after a challenging drive which tested his driving skills and his vehicle. To him, Mana Pools was an absolute winner although the lodge was more of a “shack”.

He was rather shocked as t everything beyond the boom was collapsing

The area is a paradise for game viewing, lions, elephants, hippos, birds, zebra, and impala. To Heine, it was great to be back.

Then he travelled via Kariba Dam to Lusaka Zambia.

Much-needed maintenance was being done to the dam wall.

Kariba is the world’s biggest man-made lake, 223km long and 40km wide and is always impressive to see.

On arrival in Lusaka, the first thing he did was find a car wash as the car was covered in mud and dust.

Zambia was a pleasure except for the chaotic traffic around Lusaka, but to him, it was a beautiful experience. They left Malawi and made their way to the border post where after a 5-hour wait they were allowed into Tanzania, He described ( in his words

– rolling tea plantations to 

-stunning cloud formations,

– pouring rain

– hundreds of Tuk Tuks like ants 

– trucks doing anything from 10kmph to 100kmph,

– speed traps

– traffic on the road without lights

– speed bumps to send tourists to the moon if you don’t see them.

Eventually, they arrived at the Iringa Sunset Hotel And were extremely content and had a great meal.

The last leg of the trip will see them travelling to Dar es Salaam and on to Nairobi. Halfway through the trip, Heine was joined by his son and he appreciated the company.

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