The greatest Airshow

The greatest Airshow

So we headed south down the highway. Destination Parys but we would be stopping short and going to the local airstrip. I felt a degree of trepidation as the last few airshows I had been to had been somewhat lacklustre. On arrival, we grabbed our chairs and cooler box with our meals and found a great space next to the barriers. It would be about a two-hour wait until the show began so we roamed to see the impressive display of planes. No jets but very impressive nonetheless.

The show is hosted by Airshow South Africa and it’s all about entertainment in the aerial arena. This show did not disappoint. The finest pilots in South Africa were there as well as the finest acrobatic teams. The action was non-stop, and Parys excelled with non-stop action. 

The planes were amazing as were the acrobatic displays from the various teams. As were the meals packed by our CEO Ian.

This show was a comeback after two years of lockdown and follows other successful shows around the country. It was apparent that a great deal of effort had been put into this show, especially with the vast array of participants and the quality of aviators.

It is an amazing team that puts a show like this together but in my opinion, they outdid themselves. The organisation was amazing and the show was spectacular.

Whilst it was a great team effort we were all comfortable in terms of the amenities. There was ongoing commentary as well as food and beverages. The Exhibitions enhanced the show, and safety and security were a priory.

The day was the best aviation experience. It must have tremendous effort to put a show of this nature together in such a small town. In retrospect, it was possibly the best Airshow I have ever been to. The elements involved are amazing. The shows and aerial acts as well as the facilities meet international standards.

If you leave early it is worth visiting the town of Parys as well

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