Over the past seven years, T2SA Car Rental has identified and responded to the specific needs of the replacement market within the South African insurance industry. By developing a streamlined process that delivers the entire car rental service direct to customers on behalf of the insurance industry, we save the insurer both time and money. Once an insurance broker or agent contacts our call centre, they can rest assured that their clients are receiving a first-class car rental solution, while the paperwork and follow-up with repairers are micro-monitored to ensure quick turnaround. Replace Car Rental has a dedicated replacement service team, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The replacement team’s core focus is on delivering a fast, reliable and cost-efficient solution to the insurance industry.

How do you maintain the services offered to this competitive sector of the market?

We recognise that in today’s challenging and competitive replacement industry, simply providing a service may fall short of our renter’s expectations. Replace Car Rental is committed to providing a replacement vehicle rental service that exceeds our customers’ expectations, and we do this through the continued motivation and development of our staff, while staying abreast of our customers’ needs.
To maintain our position as a market leader in the replacement field, T2SA Car Rental invests in continuous employee training and development by providing the operational and financial resources necessary to stay one step ahead of the latest developments and trends.

What sets Travel2Southafrica Car Rental apart?

Apart from delivering first-class service while building strong, long-term partnerships with our customers, T2SA Car Rental’s vehicle replacement solution is flexible, allowing it to be tailored to meet each company’s individual needs in relation to their specific claims portfolio requirements.

Information management is vital. We believe that by analysing rental trends, we are able to provide more efficient, innovative rental management solutions as well as promote a mutual understanding of both organisations. Our reporting system and industry specific software is second to none.

Can T2SA Car Rental guarantee vehicle availability at short notice?

Due to the nature of the replacement business, we rely on previous replacement rental statistics to enable us to forecast rental trends. Despite the fact that replacement is usually a result of an unforeseen circumstance, there are definite periods where the demand for replacement vehicles is higher. Extensive fleet planning is done to ensure sufficient vehicle availability to service the replacement market.

What is T2SA Car Rental’s expected response and turnaround time?

The customer will be contacted within 15 minutes of us receiving the car rental request. A reply will be sent to the relevant claims handler to update them of the status of the request within 30 minutes. Replace Car Rental is conveniently located at 40 branches countrywide, including major airports and city locations, which allows us to provide a vehicle within a period of four hours — depending on the client’s location.

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