Inception Value Policy

We all know that our vehicles depreciate in value over time and that in the event of a total loss (accident, theft or hijack) it can be difficult replacing your vehicle suitably.

From as little as R65pm, you can now have peace of mind that your vehicle’s depreciating value will no longer be an issue, thanks to our innovative IVP policy.

Comprehensive insurance policies generally pay out the current retail value of your car, as at the time of total loss. This implies that as your car ages, it depreciates in value and you will get less and less money over time.

You can prevent this happening to you ….. now! Take out IVP and your vehicle’s depreciation will be a thing of the past!
The examples overleaf show just how valuable IVP can be to you, at a time when you really need it.


A case study of IVP benefits

The case studies below will assume that you have purchased a vehicle at a specific date and it has been financed.


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